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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Z We do mobile pre-purchase inspections from Monday to Friday

Z Receive your report instantly, right after the inspection has been processed

Z Detailed digital reports that help you make a smarter purchase.

Z We are available at the most convenient location that suits you

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What is included in Pre – Purchase Inspections?


We detect any engine fault codes using a scan tool that plugs into the engine management system.

Accident Damage

A paint depth gauge test is used to check for previous cosmetic repairs. A visual inspection is used for evidence of accident, hail, and flood damage.

Car Facts History Report

Each report includes information regarding written off history, stolen records, odometer rollbacks and more.


Checks are done on heating/air conditioning, horn, seat belts, locks, warning lights and more.

Road Test

Checks are done on brake operation, engine noise, exhaust emissions, steering/suspension and more.

Exterior/ Under body

Visual inspection for rust, previous body repairs, panels and suspension.

What is included in our Comprehensive Report?

Vehicle information

Each report captures the make, model and variant of the vehicle, including build, compliance and registration status.

Detailed photos

Explore and zoom in to the photos in the report with our interactive gallery.

Summary & findings

Understand the vehicles condition with our overall rating roll-up and inspector narrative.

Attention required

Easily & quickly identify which items require attention with our summary of low rating results.

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